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Would I be deluded ┬áin thinking that maybe one day one thing I do will change my story for the better? It’s one of the few things that keeps me going so I hope not.

my social game hasn’t been strong. One on one is fine, small groups give me some horrible anxiety and causes exhaustion. This is probably the one thing that has held me back over the years because most people don’t really get that. You know what is the weirdest part? If you put me in front of a huge audience or in front of a camera, that’s what I live for. It’s one of those feelings that can be substituted for anything else and that’s why I keep trying to get somewhere with cooking channel, hoping that one day someone or some people may see something there, I truly don’t know what other route to take. Suggestions are welcome.

There needs to be some sense of purpose for my cooking, so I’m hoping to one day set up programs in cooking and the arts to help people who have been bullied or just feel left out in life. I know there are lots of people who don’t feel like they fit in anywhere and I want to do my best to help them. Cooking has been a great therapy for me over the years, I’m just always looking for a way to share that with others.

So basically, I want to take my cooking as far as it can go. Create an opportunity to better take care of my family. They are a huge motivator because I haven’t been able to take care of them like the deseve but I hope to change that. I want to help others never feel left out or bullied. Meet some awesome people along the was and always learn.

Pelase share my story with others, I’d like to know of anyone who struggles to do whatever it is they want to do to change their story. Maybe we can work together to get each other where they need to be. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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20 Days to Get it Together

So I took the leap and created a campaign on indiegogo to raise the funds to produce my cooking show “Bring Home the Flavour” that is also a talk show with some sketches involved. I was going to do a video for the campaign but cliche phrases were said so I decided against that. Instead let me tell you why I want to do this. This is where I’ve always wanted to be, growing up I wanted to be an actor so bad but over the years I was kind of talked out of it by some of my teachers and peers. The feeling never truly went away, cooking happened. I can honestly say that cooking is one thing that keeps me sane, I love it but something is still missing. The audience, that’s what’s missing.

With this cooking talk show I can combine both cooking and entertaining with the added bonus of meeting some great people and sharpening those cooking skills. I can’t even begin to describe how bad I want this to become a reality. There have been several people I’ve reached out to but that was a lost cause with not so much as a response. So moving forward anyhow I know the end game and that it starts here the rest will be made up along the way. This is day one of the 20 Days as the campaign progresses each day I will post and add a recipe or two here and there. All I have to do is convince at least 30000 people to believe in me no big deal haha. Once the goal is reached and the show goes on there will be all sorts of cool things to be given out as rewards to all who contribute.

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