I’m Literally Just Trying Sell My Digital Cookbook

I was going to get a little deeper with this post, talking about bullying and such but you know what? That stuff is in the past. I’m all about moving forward and trying to convince you all to purchase a copy of “The Beta Cookbook” so I can make the most ultimate awesomest interactive cookbook ever.

You see cooking has sort of been my escape from just about everything negative in the world. When I pick up that knife and start creating meals it takes me to some place of true zen and it doesn’t matter that I’m a horribly socially awkward introvert because the food usually speaks for me. Think of it the same ways as a musician who picks up an instrument and plays.

Now the reason I want to get my book published is so I can do more with food than my current job will allow. I would also like to meet, learn from and become friends with all sorts of like minded food people along the way. Let’s not forget I’m always looking for more ways to provide a better life for my family and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s all about growing as a chef and a person. There are lots of exciting and new things I would like to learn so help give me that chance by purchasing my digital collection of recipes. Click on the link below, you will also receive a digital copy of the final cookbook as well once it is complete. You can also help by sharing this and helping me convince the rest of the world to take a chance on this little old nobody from Newfoundland.


I’m not trying to become a top chef or anything like that, it’s just trying to provide for my family while doing what I love to do and hopefully meet some awesome people that share the same passion along the way. Thank you for your support, you are helping turn my life around and making a dream come true. I will truly pay it forward.

don’t forget to also subscribe to my cooking channel: www.youtube.com/adamdurnford

Take Care,




3 thoughts on “I’m Literally Just Trying Sell My Digital Cookbook

  1. Jennifer Vatcher-Hodder

    Hey dude! I’m so glad to have reconnect after all these years. I always felt that you were a stellar guy with a heart of gold and am so pleased to see that it’s still the same. ❤️

    Wondering if you have talked to any other local chefs who published? The first person I think of, and have very all his cookbooks on my shelf is Barry Parsons (Rock Recipes). Maybe he could give you some tips on marketing and maybe hook you up with some of his people in the publishing world!

    In the meantime, I will totally buy your cookbook!

    Hope all is well in the land of Adam and your little family is doing well. ❤️


    1. adurnford Post author

      Hey thanks so much, I’m glad we got to reconnect as well! 😊 I was chatting with Barry Haha. The family is doing great. I hope all is well with you? I see you had a “little” trip haha


      1. Jennifer Vatcher-Hodder

        Haha Barry plays games with a good friend of mine, actually! Small world!

        We don’t do a trips – it’s go big, and then go home! Haha Life of a teacher having summers off. We don’t get to choose our vacation time, so we make the best of what we got it!


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