Another Shot Because I don’t Know When to Quit

So I have been trying to make a cookbook and in order to come up with the funds I decided to write a collection of recipes called “The Beta Cookbook” and sell that for $5 as a digital download through payhip. So far I haven’t been all that successful, moved a few copies at the beginning but nothing much after that. Hopefully with this blog post and help from the fine people of the internet hopefully we can get the ball rolling here. I’m doing it this way because I need the funds for a food photographer and obviously funds to have it published but I don’t want to ask for a hand out so I created the digital book.


What’s the incentive for you? Well how about a finished digital copy of the final book and a whole bunch of chances to win some great cooking gear if we can get enough to get this off the ground. The digital download has 75+ recipes with links to videos for extra help. There’s breakfast recipes, main dishes, sweets and more.

Click here to get your copy

I’m using Payhip because transactions are safe and secure through Paypal but if you don’t have Paypal. I have set up a campaign for a cooking show and you can get a copy of my book there using credit card. I’m focusing on the show as well but my main priority will be the book. I have this habit of trying to change my life all at once but I gotta keep reminding myself one step at a time. So please help me get this off the ground get your copy now, it’s only $5 and it will make a huge difference and please share as well. I’m doing this on my own and kind of making it up as I go. I’ve reached out to several people for guidance with no response. Thank you for your support I can’t even begin to describe how much it means to me.

Don’t have Paypal? Click Here

Oh and for those of you that paid $15 in the beginning, you will all get a final physical copy of the book once it is published.

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